Free and Open Source Educational Software Projects

Welcome to this Free and Open Source Educational Software inventory. The software projects shown here are being used and/or developed for educational use. It is the intention of this site to provide easy access to the software, clear pointers to where to get it and how to start using/cooperating in the further development. By providing this infrastructure we hope to encourage the use and continuation of these valuable software projects.

A fun EEG-BCI game for detecting gooey movement intentions

Design of Simulated Research Projects

Dutch ecosystem simulator

Educational formative testing tool

HTML editor for children

Simulation of Heart and valves

Learn to interprete IR/MS/NMR spectra

Computer Aided Diagnosis in Pathology

Flexible aqua modelling

Educational simulator for MRI

Dynamic Workflow Management

The Experiment Designer (CE) module

Simulate acquisition NMR spectrum

Simuleer ecgs in software